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"This place is AMAZING!! LOW PRICES AND LOTS OF KNOWLEDGE!!! These guys really know what they're talking about!! And its great that they are family owned!! WAY TO KEEP THE LOCAL ECONOMY STRONG!!"

by: Jason S.


New and Used Computers in Northern KY (Alexandria)

We get asked a lot on what we think are the best computers to get. Well It depends on what you are using it for. If you just need something to get on internet, documents, pictures, and music, then we would recommend our used computers. We always have very nice laptops and desktops that would be great for you. They are not refurbished or trade ins. We get them from a local supplier who gets them off a business lease.  Which means they are business grade with great processors and ram. Most of them have Windows XP pro.  As you probably know by now vista is not a good operating system. None of our computers have windows vista unless customer would prefer it.

We also custom build new computers. The difference between custom build or a dell, hp, Compaq, and others, is we use the best parts which go into your system. The other big companies put low end parts and tons of advertising programs and trial periods of anti virus and office. Our systems have parts which if there are any problems the parts are easy to find and can get them anywhere. The big companies sometime uses parts that you have to go through them in order to get them, and they can charge you anything they want.

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Community Computer Services offers a wide selection of computer products and brands: hardware, software, peripherals, laptops, parts, servers, case mods, consumables, desktops, accessories, networking... everything you need for a PC.

New and Used Computers for Sale in Northern Kentucky . Located in Alexandria KY.

Service Areas for on sight computer repair include the following. Alexandria KY, Cold Spring KY, Highland Heights KY, FT Thomas KY, Newport KY, Covington KY, Falmouth KY, Taylor Mill KY, Most of Northern KY Area We are located in Alexandria Kentucky 8039 Alexandria Pike. 16 years experience. Family Owned.